A story about how I got MacBook Air in my new office and Apple M1 Silicon Just Works Out Fine for Web Programming

MacBook Air M1 - A Seamless Experience for Developers

June 15, 2022 Dykraf

A story about how I got MacBook Air in my new office and Apple M1 Silicon Just Works Out Fine for Web Programming

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Macbook Air Apple Chip M1 2020 with macOS Monterey

How I Got My First Macbook Air M1

Firstly, previously I never got a Macbook Air for programming from my past companies. I usually got a Macbook Pro or at least a Dell Desktop with perhaps a much higher end than the average of my non-technical peers. I move to my current company not more than 5 months ago and the first offer for me is a high-end Lenovo Laptop. Not very intriguing for me to do daily tasks with other than non-technical.

Onboard with Macbook Air M1

Days before my onboarding to the new office, I ask my Lead, can I have other Laptop other than Lenovo? He said yes, of course, you should ask to have a Macbook on your paperwork before you sign and send it to the HR Division. The next day, HR Staff call me to do some background checking and paperwork confirmation, and at the end of the conversation, I asked about the Laptop that I will use later on.

First Touch and Setup on Macbook Air M1

I love the new Mac that smells from unboxing and opening on the screen, like other usual Macs I have used before. The speakers are awesome and the sound clarity is a high-end output, not to forget the free Apple sticker.

Installing the Needs for my Environment

Usually, I want to get them set up quickly with the shell script and stuff like every other programmer. Nope, not yet, I am very eager to want to try the shell script and stuff for auto quick install but I do not yet have the desire to do it. :))

Environment set up

NodeJS, VSCode IDE application, Adobe XD, Figma with other stuff installation running smoothly. The most important stuff is Docker installation because most of my work runs and relies on a Database Server to run on my local machine. Docker desktop application such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and daemon running multiple containers run also smoothly and steadily. With all the buzz about Macbook Air M2 coming up in WDC 2022, for me, Macbook Air M1 just works out fine for Web Development.

Mostly I work on JavaScript stack web development such as Nuxt.js, and Next.js and heavily rely on NodeJS versions for the server runtime. As for now, all thing runs smoothly in the background and also on the surface. That is all about my opinion of the MacBook Air Apple M1 Silicon for my daily uses in web development. Thank you for stopping by and reading this.


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