CSS-in-JS React.js UI Libraries in 2023 for Your Portfolios

Elevate Your React Portfolios - Top CSS-in-JS React.js UI Libraries for 2023

July 06, 2023 Dykraf

As web development continues to evolve at a rapid pace, staying on top of the latest tools and technologies is crucial for building modern and visually stunning user interfaces.

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React.js is the most popular JavaScript library


React.js, one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for building user interfaces, has a vast ecosystem of UI libraries that enhance the development process and provide ready-to-use components. In this blog post, we'll explore the best React.js UI libraries in 2023, enabling you to create powerful and aesthetically pleasing web applications with ease.

In the world of React.js development, UI libraries play a pivotal role in streamlining the creation of visually stunning and responsive user interfaces. As we step into 2023, developers have a wealth of options to choose from. Let's dive in and discover how these libraries can supercharge your UI development workflow.

React.js CSS-in-JS UI Libraries in 2023 List:

  1. Material-UI: Material-UI continues to be a dominant force among React.js UI libraries, offering a vast collection of customizable components based on Google's Material Design principles. Its popularity stems from its robust features, active community, and regular updates. Material-UI seamlessly integrates with the CSS-in-JS library, allowing developers to leverage Emotion's powerful styling capabilities while building visually appealing applications with ease.


    • Extendible Rich React Components
    • Default and Customizeable Theme Configuration
    • Responsiveness UI Components
    • Styled Components
    • CSS-in-JS solutions
    • Great, Active and Supportive Community
    • Documentations

    Link: https://mui.com/ Material UI: https://mui.com/

  2. Chakra UI: Chakra UI is a popular React.js UI library that focuses on simplicity, accessibility, and performance. It offers a set of highly customizable components following a design system centered around accessibility standards. Chakra UI seamlessly integrates with Emotion, allowing developers to leverage Emotion's styling capabilities for a more expressive and flexible UI development experience. With its intuitive API and robust theming support, Chakra UI enables developers to build modern and accessible applications with ease.


    • Comprehensive Component Library
    • Design System and Consistency
    • Accessibility and Inclusivity
    • Theming and Customization
    • Developer Experience and Productivity
    • Vue.js Version Supports Avaibility
    • Active Community and Documentation

    Link: https://chakra-ui.com/ Chakra UI: https://chakra-ui.com/

  3. Mantine: Mantine is an emerging React.js UI library that has gained attention for its simplicity, performance, and developer-friendly features. With its extensive collection of customizable components, Mantine enables developers to build elegant and responsive user interfaces effortlessly. One of the standout features of Mantine is its integration with Emotion. By utilizing Emotion's powerful styling capabilities, Mantine offers a delightful developer experience, empowering you to create stunning UIs with clean and maintainable code. I wrote a blog post on How To Use Mantine Default Properties In React Components, explaining how to integrate Mantine into your React project.


    • Accessibility
    • Extendible, Customizable and Reusable Components
    • Theming and Customization
    • Hooks and Utilities
    • Dark Mode Support
    • Developer-Friendly API and Documentation
    • Active Community and Updates

    Link: https://mantine.dev/ Mantine: https://mantine.dev/

  4. Theme UI: Theme UI is a library that focuses on theming and design systems in React. It leverages a CSS-in-JS solution to provide a streamlined theming experience, allowing developers to customize the appearance and styling of their applications. It provides a comprehensive set of features that enable developers to create consistent and customizable designs across their React applications.


    • Theme-based Styling
    • Component-based Design System
    • Styled System Integration
    • Emotion-Based Styling
    • Accessibility Considerations
    • Active Community and Ecosystem

    Link: https://theme-ui.com/ Theme UI: https://theme-ui.com/

  5. Evergreen: Evergreen, backed by Segment, is a minimalist React.js UI library that focuses on simplicity and flexibility. Its lightweight nature makes it an excellent choice for building fast and responsive applications. Evergreen seamlessly integrates with Emotion, allowing developers to leverage Emotion's powerful styling capabilities for enhanced UI customization. By combining Evergreen's minimalistic components and Emotion's expressive styling syntax, developers can create visually appealing interfaces that prioritize efficiency and user experience.


    • Minimalistic Design
    • Comprehensive Component Library
    • Customizable and Themeable
    • Accessibility
    • Integration with CSS-in-JS Libraries
    • Active Community and Updates

    Link: https://evergreen.segment.com/ Evergreen: https://evergreen.segment.com/


In 2023, Emotion-based UI libraries have transformed the way developers approach React.js web development. Material-UI, Chakra UI, Mantine and Evergreen are among the best choices for building exceptional user interfaces that are visually appealing, performant, and customizable. With their seamless integration of Emotion, these libraries empower developers to create modern and stylish web applications while streamlining the development process. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends, explore these libraries, and harness the power of to elevate your web development skill with React.js in 2023. You can read our other post on How To Create a React Component That Takes an Object As Props in TypeScript and How To Use Map Function In JavaScript For Rendering A React Component, and also A Guide to Finding Parents from Children with JavaScript and React.

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