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My Go-To Static Website Generators - Exploring Personal Favorites for Efficient Web Development

January 15, 2022 Dykraf

Static Sites Generator is a great choice for developers that want to have a static website that has minimal maintenance and small and fast load file sizes.

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Gatbsy is based on Reactjs JavaScript with a full-stack front-end framework. You can make use of Gatsby framework flexibility to create a fully Headless CMS website from the existing CMSs such as WordPress, Drupal, Contentful, and others. The features and other great plugins from Gatsby make it very dynamic and easy to build a front-end website without worrying about the technical parts that you encounter.


NuxtJS is based on VueJS JavaScript framework. The community around VueJS framework has a great love and support to help in the making of NuxtJS framework. It has great features from Server Side Rendering into Static Side Generation websites, PWAs, and others.


NextJS a production-grade React application that scales. People behind Vercel have done great work in the making of NextJS. Today many people have used NextJS in their websites combined with the greatness of ReactJS and fully support on SSR(Server Side Rendering) that would be great for SEOs.


GulpJS is a task runner JavaScript framework. Gulp has helped me build some great static websites theme templates in the past.


Jekyll is a static sites generator. Based on Ruby language and .yml config file, Jekyll is one of the great static sites generators out there that you can combine with other tools such as SASS / SCSS for CSS the library.

And there is My Static Websites Generator of Choices for Personal Favourite. Hope you will inspire you, cheers!

Upload your static website

There are several ways to deploy your website, you could use any hosting service provider or use free static website hosting like Vercel and Netlify.

I have been using these hosting service provider for quite some time for publish several of my web projects. As a web developer, these hosting providers have been extremely helpful in terms of hosting my static websites.


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